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How To Play Ragtime Play Blues Guitar - Candy Man Lesson - Rev Gary Davis

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candyman gary davis lessonWe should all be forever grateful for the legacy left by the original great of blues guitarists. Here's a short lesson showing a couple of simple variations on the basic Candy Man theme, as played by the legendary Reverend Gary Davis. What he did with just three chords was fascinating.

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Uploader Comments (acoustictravellersl)

  • Thanks Jim, this is a fantastic video! Thanks for such a great tutorial to such a great song! You are a master of guitar, and a master of teaching. I love your DVDs, they are perfect for a guitarist like me. Keep it up!

  • Thta's great! Thansk very much for your comment.



  • Another gem. Thanks Jim. I hope you are making a living from the DVD's and lessons - you deserve it. 

  • Thanks for your comment and support - Spring's coming, soon be back on the street...

  • I put up links on a few beginner forums to the acoustic travelers channel, and this vid in particular (it's just such a great way to start "ragtime" guitar) and placed links to your website all over my website. Hope it helps! I know I've said it before, but I love how you teach-breaking the song into chunks helps my brain figure everything out, and repeating each section keeps me form having to back the video up. Keep it up!

  • This is great material! Going to have a closer look at your site.

  • How does this video only have 2,410 views? I came back here just for fun today, and I have no idea how this could happen! It's such a great video, do you mind if I promote it on other forums/webpages (and maybe slip your website in there too...)? I love your style of teaching, it's so easy to learn from! Thanks so much!

  • Hi - great comment. Beats me - some vids, such as the Doc Watson Deep River Blues lessons get 1000 views a day, and others don't. It would be great if you promoted it - anywhere you like. I'd really appreciate it.



  • Yep - just try and play this stuff without looking, and you'll - it really make syou think ...

  • Thanks Jim, for all your lessons. The Reverend is a gold mine of material. Everything he recorded is worth a listening to. The same is true of you.

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