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Finger Picking  Blues Guitar - Stage Fright - Playing in Public!

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Uploaded by on Feb 20, 2012

Hi There, Everyone's known it and suffered from it, but for finger pickers, nerves can easily affect our finger movements (we are delicate creatures, musicians, as you know ...). Here's what what I do to counteract that creeping paralysis - STAGE FRIGHT!


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  • I think that is great advice for anyone wanting to perform live. Really good video Jim.

  • Nice comment from a real master - thanks a lot. Cheers, Jim

  • Last night i made a total fool out of me. Well I got stage fright too and as I was playing guitar at the open stage evening with some of my friends I totally lost it.

    I played this guitar for the first time and try to play some fast fingerpicking blues, but it wasn't a good idea. So I made a fool out of me and didn't want to play guitar again on this evening, but I tried it and I sucked again. Damn...

  • This was a handy video I'm sure everyone feels the fright. One of the weapons in my arsenal is humor. If you make folks smile they (plus alcohol) are willing to forgive a clinker now and again. Humor also helps in that it's always better to have folks laughing with you , not at you.

  • This is my biggest problem. I write tons of my own material and feel I'm a fairly compotent guitar player. I'm at a point where I want people to hear my tunes and see what I can do, however the thought of playing in front of people makes me very uneasy. For example two blocks away from my house is a great little music club that has open mics twice a week. If I seriously think about going up there my stomach literally turns, I feel nausea and faintness--my hands shake. Really horrible.

  • Here is some advice I can add about overcoming stage fright:

    Don't take yourself too seriously. Clowning around a little, or doing something to get people to laugh is a great way to relieve stage fright.

    Play your own interpretations of songs. Don't slavishly play someone's well-known version note-for-note.

    Be confident. When you play for people, do it with the attitude that you're going to show them what you've got. In other words, MACHT SHOW!!

    Thanks for a thought provoking video, Jim!

  • "Sometimes make a fool of yourself," now that is advise and encouragement I needed. Wonderful video. Cheers out to you.

  • Excellent advice.

  • Thanks a lot for the tipps! I think they are very good.. Great playing at the end!:)

    5* and best regards Karlheinz

  • Hi Jim.

    More like 50% loss for me, so it is great to pick up these little tricks from you. Maybe I can get to 70 % some day. Thanks for the advice, and a nice little riff too. Cheers. Steve,

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