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Hi, I posted some old tracks I found - hope you like them. Sorry there's no vid! Talked to Ken yesterday - we'll be gigging in UK in Spring, and will surely find time to make some videos for uploading. There are four songs here - When You Got A Good Friend (Johnson); Buckets of Rain, Lose Your Money and Blues Before Sunrise (Ken made up the words and I added Eric Clapton's version of 'Accuse Me'.




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Uploader Comments (acoustictravellersl)

  • Thanks for posting, the guitar in the first track is all Robert Johnson.

    What is the building behind you?

  • That was a farmhouse I was staying at during my travels for a few months. I met Ken in the area, started gigging and one day we set up the camera to record some stuff. It's in the South of France - often, peole think it's in the States

  • Hmm hmm good.

  • A man of few words, like myself, but nice words - thanks.

  • @acoustictravellersl actually a woman of few words, unlike yourself (ha ha)

  • Nothing is ever as it seems ...

see all
  • I just let the music play while I worked away, sure enjoyed it, even tapped my toe!

  • Another four great tracks played with soul and feeling Keep them coming

  • Wonderful !! Merci !

  • Sooooooooooooooo Goooooooooooooooood !

    Peace Brothers !

    5*****up is all you get !

  • You'll have to keep us posted about the venues in the UK. I'll try and get to one.

  • @waterdog226 I've never met a woman of few words before!!!!

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