Jim plays 'Baby Please Don't Go By Lightnin' Hopkins

This is a great lesson to get into the feel and cool style of Lightnin's music. It's not too advanced, but highlights some of his tricks that can be integrated with all your blues in E. Play Lightnin ' Hopkins style blues guitar.

Free Robert Johnson Lesson on this link. Sign up to the News Letter you find on the page and you'll get a complete a free lesson for Love in Vain, plus I'll send you 7 mini lessons over the coming weeks.


You can find some advice on street playing plus a video of me performing on the city street on the link below.


I left the Youtube tags in this description, as they seem to be  great help for people finding this page.


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I never get tired of playing Lightnin' Hopkins. His complex songs are challenging (such as 'Mojo Hand') and his slow blues in E are laid back but very, very powerful if done properly. You can find another video where I play 'Woman Called Mary' in E and you'll see what I mean.

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