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Play Blues Guitar - Death Don't Have No Mercy - Gary Davis

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Blues Guitar Lessons

It seems I developed a bit of a cold and feel like death warmed up, so this song seemed a good choice!

When I heard Gary Davis for the first time in the 70s his voice was quite weak after years of street singing, but the power of this awesome original blues sound just knocked me out. A lot of my playing colleagues didn't go for it, because he missed a few notes now and again, but this kind of authenticity is a wonderful thing that we don't see too much of nowadays.

Modern guitarists go for the perfect sound, without any fluffed notes or buzzing strings - well it wasn't really like that in the past - It was alive and real - audiences were moved by the feeling' and not just by technique.. A legend like Reverend Davis wasn't too bothered about missing note or two. He knew what he was doing with his blues guitar and also what he wanted to say, and was very secure in the way he lived the blues.

That's a fantastic life lesson for all of us just there!

Have a wonderful 2013.
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