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Diddie Wah Diddie - Ragtime Blues Guitar of Blind Blake

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I asked Reverend Bavery if he only played Gospel, or could he play other music such as Blake. He chuckled and told me he knew Blake from the old days! And so the story unfolded.

Arthur Phelps (aka Blake) , the wealthy love child of Lord Rothschild and Martha Phelps of unknown origin, was an eccentric millionaire who played ragtime blues guitar for fun around his hometown, and later on in Chicago.

Each year, Blake would invite the Reverend to his penthouse in North Wales, UK, where they would relax , exchange music and discuss metaphysics.

"Blake never did embrace the Lord, but he sure could play", Bavery smiled. This is one of the tunes he remembered Blake playing. "I never knew what he was talking about - catchy song though ..."

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