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Early Morning Blues - Blind Blake

Blues guitar lessons
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I always had a soft spot for Blake's easy going slow numbers. This is my rendition of Early Mornin' Blues in C. It's got that lovely, rolling feel and features Blake talking over his single string runs at the end of the verses - nice trick! Try it out, why don't ya!

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Keep on pickin',

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  • What brand guitar is that it has awesome sound

  • Hi, It's a Martin 000X1



  • Keep on pickin'



  • Cool tune Jim , you do such a nice job singing and playing these folk blues tunes. Cheers , John

  • Thanks for passing by John. Cheers, Jim

Top Comment

  •  Thought I recognised it .. mirror image of my LH Martin .. great tutorials .. I'm a subscriber and just bought this, another of your great tutorials .. tho' I always kinda feel I'm cheating not working it out for myself, but hey, why recreate the wheel.. :o) I'd recommend, and do, your full tutorials to anyone .. Thanks for the effort ...

  • Hi, Thanks for the message , and the kind comments of support. I think you hit the nail on the head - the lessons I put out are just a short cut to playing this stuff, which means one can learn more quickly and have more fun. Any one with some ability and time to spare can break down this lovely old music and learn how to pick it. For me, it's what I do all day, and I'm please to spread it around.

  • This music is always great!!! You play this music perfectly!!! Is always a pleasure to watch and listen to your videos!

  • I'm loving your fingerstyle technique.

  • Belle balade !

  • Fantastic cover! Great vocal and guitar! You did this perfect!

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