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Blues Guitar Lesson - The Ghost Of Johnny Southside

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Watched a film with Al Pacino last night - the one where he was a hit-man for the mob. Got up this morning and wrote this little ditty.



    Great original song Jim. I really enjoyed the lyrics, and the guitar work was just excellent as always. I added your video to the "Blues Originals" playlist on The Songwriters Collection Channel.....Kathy
    1 year ago

    great song!!!

    Its inspiring, great playing . Thanks for uploading this great song
    1 year ago

    blues!!!!!! love it mate :)
    1 year ago

    Very nicely done Jim! Lovely guitar as well.. Peace Tim Pan Alley
    1 year ago

    FANTASTIC! That Johnny Southside is a true bad_ _ _ !
    1 year ago

    Great tune, saw Al Pacino in Scarface last night but i didn't wake up with a song
    1 year ago

    Good Jim !

    What more to say ?

    Outstanding !

    Peace Brother !

      1 year ago

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