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Blues Guitar Lesson - Big Bill Broonzy - Glory Of Love

Uploaded by on Jun 10, 2010

Blues guitar lessons review

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Just got back from playing in town and felt it was time to swing along with Big Bill (again!) This song is included in my latest set of guitar lessons, together with Hey, Hey and Worryin' Off My Mind. Take it easy, and keep on pickin'.


    oh man that is good.
    6 months ago

    phat, JIm
      1 year ago

    another great one.
    1 year ago

    Thanks Mr Bluesman !

    1 year ago

    Not bad, but Big Bill Broonzy is inimitable.

    The thumb had a powerful and constant, and struck two chords as a kind of sfuffle
    1 year ago

    very good!

    Guitar tabs please>>.I can't find it anywhere...
    8 months ago

    Well done my friend!
    11 months ago

    Hey, Jim ! My firs attempt to this one was 40 years ago...but I'm unable to play it now!

    The singing is pretty good as well. Top class ! Thanks.
    1 year ago

    Love it!
    1 year ago

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