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Guitar Rag - Another Version - Chet Atkins Picking

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Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I knew Guitar Rag, and I was ashamed to admit I'd never heard of it, concentrating as I do on old blues guitar - I'm familar wth blues guitar chords, but not country style. I searched it on the Tube (of course) and lifted a few riffs from here and there to learn how to play guitar in this style.

Thus picking style is normally performed using a plastic thumb pick, bare finger or nails, but I had trouble keeping it under control, so used bare thumb as well. It needs a delicate touch, and I tend to pick hard, so lots of challenges here for us all.

If you'd like a series of lessons posting here for this tune, leave a comment. If there are over 15 comments or so, I'll post about four separate lessons covering this version, with some tips on tackling those hard bits.


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    OK, you asked for it - suckers for punishment.
    acoustictravellersl 3 months ago

        I think i enjoyed this as much as the cat ^^
        1 month ago

        Sounds very good!!  PBO
        2 months ago

        i'm happy today...i've found your videos !
        2 months ago

        'Eat Here and Get Gas'...I'll bet the cat laughs at that in the dead of night when nobody is listening
        2 months ago

        Thanks John. The Missis watched the vid and said 'Why didn't you play it properly? ....'
        3 months ago

        Hi Bruce, add me to the 15, let's have a tab for this.

        F*cking. Amazing!
          2 months ago

        You've just planned my summer holidays for me:

        Spending my days in the sun with a cold lager, practicing this. Sounds poetic.

        Thanks for all your great videos, much appreciated!


        3 months ago

        great job and nice guitar ! I love Martin :)
        3 months ago

        +1 for tuition vid pretty please!!
        Sindagon2 3 months ago

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