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Guitar Rag - Merle Travis

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As promised a couple of weeks ago, I take a closer look at this classical guitar piece and break it down into bite-size chunks. There are many versions, and it's a challenging tune. I lifted riffs and techniques from her and there to produce a version that we can sing to.

In this first video, we look at the basic structure, how to approach the basic picking and also how we can add some finger strokes to make it more interesting for the listener.

In later videos, I'll explore the structure a little more, and try and give some insight into singing along with a fairly complex picking pattern. Have a good time and ... keep on pickin' ! Second lesson for Guitar Rag Merle Travis.

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Uploader Comments (acoustictravellersl)

    great stuff
      3 months ago

    Great job! You are awesome!
    s6824s 3 months ago

    lol. I like!
    3 months ago

    The Cat is pleased.
    acoustictravellersl 3 months ago

    Very nice playin, I enjoyed listening. Thanks for posting , John Leon

    Jim, Thanks for this very well laid out lesson. I've been wanting to learn this for a long time and this makes it SO easy. I've really enjoyed your music.

    2 weeks ago

    Seems to have chunks of Amos Johnson Rag in there Jim !!??
      2 weeks ago

    Don't know if you do requests but have you done or are yo thinking of doing a lesson on Hesitation Blues?

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