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Play Blues Guitar - Jesus Taking Me Home - Jim Bruce

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I uploaded a video of the Rev performing this in the street a couple of years ago, but there was a bit of wind noise. I managed to get him into the studio to do it again, before the sun starts to shine and he wanders off again ...

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Uploader Comments (acoustictravellersl)

    Delta, is just so cool Rev. how often do u feed him? lol, but loved the song and the playin . thanks for taking my joke . bless u.
      5 months ago

    is the cat in shock or dead. lol
    5 months ago

    My cat's called Delta - I'm never sure if he's catatonic or meditating. He's a strange one.
    acoustictravellersl 5 months ago

    He's nourished by the blues, my son ...
    acoustictravellersl 5 months ago 3

    Holy schmoly! Dang, that was ferocious playing.
    5 months ago

    Holy schmoly indeed!
    acoustictravellersl 5 months ago

    great, one of my favourite from you
    4 months ago

    Wow nice work Jim,dam that was fast and swampy.Kinda original which is always a breath of fresh air.Liked ur take on this very sir
    5 months ago

    Definition of genius - hiding your sources well. Cheers, Jim
    acoustictravellersl 5 months ago

    but im meemaw , a grandmother. . smile.
    a 5 months ago

    oooooooook. god is good.
    5 months ago

    Faultless! I'm really enjoying your stuff
    5 months ago

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