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    Hi Kelly, That's funny, I've been thinking of putting out some songs from McLennan and Harney - I'll give it some more thought.

    Thanks for your comments. Everyone keep on pickin' and have fun with it - that's the whole point.


    acoustictravellersl 1 year ago

        you are fantastic!!great channel! great music!

        Greetings from the indian ocean!
          10 months ago

        your lame jokes and music have a weird calming effect on me. plus i love lame jokes. i don't even listen to blues. but it's nice music.

        you should make audiobooks, your way of speaking is soothing. how about bedtime stories? i really like when people talk like that.
        11 months ago

        Great job,luv it
        11 months ago

        Thank you for subscribing, you are a great musician, love your voice and playing.
        11 months ago

        Hi Jim, Like my friend lil 6ster I wanted to leave a profile comment too :) Well, I just wanted to say thanks for the sub cuz I wouldn't have found you otherwise and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel! Subbed ya back and will be back for sure :) ~Julie
        11 months ago

        The Best Channel On Youtube !

        No Comment !

        Just listen and you understand what I mean.

        PEACE !
        1 year ago

        Good work of the guitarist! Excellent video and very good performance! It very beautiful music!

        hi Jim Bruce, both of you are fantastic musician

        ***** stars / thumbs up


        1 year ago

        Very nice intro and welcome. :) What an absolutely fantastic channel!  Love the soulful bluesy music in this video. And thanks so much for the sub. I'm returning the favor. Janet
        1 year ago

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