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Westward Bound - Jim Bruce Original Song

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I wrote this song last week while in UK, and I guess my hippy roots are showing a bit. It's self-explanatory really.


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      6 hours ago

    Salut François - merci pour ton commentaire, et je chercherai les chansons de "Effron White" bientôt.

    Ciao, Jim

      42 minutes ago

    Jim, This has that great flavor from when I was roaming around the California coast back in the mid '60's. Still ramble around there sometimes but it SURE has changed. Thanks.

    Nice tune.


    11 hours ago

    Thanks Will - yes, we're all still ramblin' ...



      45 minutes ago

    Too kind - glad you like it.


      46 minutes ago

    Er, ... I'd better work it our myself first.



      47 minutes ago

    Thats real nice Jim.

      2 hours ago

    Enjoyed listenin' I really enjoy songs of the ramblin' kind and this one is a good one!!

    7 hours ago

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