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    Just want to thank you for all you do and thanks for the free lesson on How Long Blues. Your lessons are great and your teaching method works. I have purchased many of your lessons and am building a nice song list and your choice of tunes is excellent. Ever thought of doing some Honeyboy Edwards. Number 12 at the station is a great one as is Rocks in my Pillow. Also, Tommy Mclennan Cross Cut Saw and maybe a little Hacksaw Harney. Just some food for thought. Thanks again Jim.


Uploader Comments ( acoustictravellersl )

    Wonderful style, singing and fantastic guitar playing. I like it very much. Congrats, 5* and best regards Karlheinz

      53 minutes ago

    Many thanks for your comment Karl - I really like your rendition of Watz in D Minor.

    Best, Jim

      40 minutes ago

    Vous devriez aimer mon ami "Effron White" auteur compositeur aux USA.

    Bonne continuation, et bonjour de France


    u got a nice house sir
      10 months ago

    désolé jim, je ne parle pas anglais mais avec moi tu as au moins un fan en france lol!
    10 months ago

    jim thanks for that great lesson and taking the time and effort it requires to share the blues is very cool indeed and the two finger picking is the way i play also and we both have the same hair cut.please keep the lessons coming.
    10 months ago

    This gets ma foot tappin !! Nice stuff you gots ....yeah !
      10 months ago

    Sorry Jim, i'm late but i'm busy as a bee... hope i'll have more time soon for YT and great collabs! wonderful job as usual... i would be very happy to meet you too! ;°)
    10 months ago

    Great stuff you're playing here, Jim. Nice ragtime style.
    10 months ago

    Thanks Jim, Great preview of your lessons.
    10 months ago

    wow amazing! i was never aware of the variety of acoustic blues
    T 9 months ago

    where r u 4m

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