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Blues Guitar - Love In Vain by Robert Johnson

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Cheers, Jim

  • The best cover in youtube! Even better than Eric Clapton's!

  • Much too kind - thanks

  • Is that a Martin 000x-1 or something like that? Sounds good. Nice playing too.

  • Yep, it's the ooox-1AE I use it on the street - it's a great little box. Only the top is wood.

  • Can't stop playing this. Love the first finger twiddles on the D7.

  • Yes, that's my favourite bit as well ...

  • Fantastic singing! Great tone for blues, man. Also, great playing. Great job!

  • i really like how you play . very full sound just terrific

  • Great stuff...

  • 素晴らしすぎる。Great job!

  • i love it but a little tip try feeling the pain of your woman walking out on you

  • wow man i looove this! you play and sing realy good! thats the way i want to play someday!

  • great playing but your tab is not what you're playing or a am i just bad???

  • Yeah !!!!

    Bravo pour ce blues..

    La voix et la guitare sont formidables.

  • hhaha men great job!!! i wish play this song like you...maybe some day hehehe very nice

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