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Blues Guitar - Scrapper Blackwell - Down and Out

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Reverend Jim Bavery reflects on better times with a song by Scrapper Blackwell.

Scrapper Blackwell Blues Man from Indiana
  • Awesome Melody, and vocal, Rev Jim.

  • What i this set up, are you touring in your old bus or what..

  • BRAVO!!!!!!^)))5*)/


  • Jim

    Fantastic job. I love the arrangment. I will be in line if you offer a lesson.

  •  Ta!

  • Great version, Jim. Keep rolling. How's it in Toulouse? I'm near Cognac,(16); too hot for me after N.Sweden!! Best.

  • This is very cool. Are you going to do a series of Scrapper tab lessons?

  • Fantastic song; beautifully played - nice one Rev!

    1 year ago
    • sounds good! i like your style.

    • masterclass, Reverend Jim;-)

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