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Finger Picking  Blues Guitar - Sweet Georgia Brown

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Blues Guitar Lessons:

I'm coming from two points of view here. First, we need to play at least two hours a day to maintain our standard, learn new stuff and also improve. It's easy to get bored with playing just one style, and it's great fun to play other tunes - like a little swingy-jazzy version of Sweet Georgia Brown shown here - have fun. My left hand is not very clever and is only comfortable with basic chords, so anything I interpret has to be dead simple.

Secondly, different styles of playing is great thumb training, especially if the timing is not what you are used to. Another advantage is that you return to the blues with renewed passion and interest.

Apologies for the inferior sound quality in some parts of the video - I'm not sure what happened!

Have a good time and keep on pickin'
Jim Bruce


  • Love that song, and you do it so well.

  • Jim, thanks for posting such a wonderful lesson.

  • It is good to play other genres.I saw a clip of you playing Windy and Warm. Any chance of you showing us how to play your version? Thanks for the lessons

  • Great Jim I loved it. More and more of this style please and sorry I can't come in July but wish you the best in teaching there.

  • Great, great Jim!


  • Nice pickin' ! Just wondering why you always use a capo?

  • Where's your HAT Jim??!!


  • At 3:28

  • Jim, I love all what you're doing.

    Wonderful your laughing at 3:30!

    I wonder how you're looking without beard, have you tried? Probably you'd look 14 and a half years younger.

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