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Finger Picking  Blues Guitar - Tessaract - Original by Jim Bruce

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Not sure where I'm going here, but I'll go with it for a week or two. Don't know what a Tesseract is? Look it up!

Lots of lovely musical possibilities with dropped-D and it's nice to explore a little. OK - I know it's short - I let it flow and it just stopped flowing, that's all.

Take it easy

  • Wow! Mr. Colorful all of a sudden. Nice duds dude.

  • Jim, Great tune. I know what you mean. Sometimes I don't know where I'm going and then when I get there I forget where I was.


  • Awesome playing! I like it very much. Congrats, 5* and best regards Karlheinz

  • Cool. Definitely a fair bit of Kottke and Fahey influence there. No bad criticism intended, quite the reverse. I wonder how it would sound on a 12 string

  • Well played wish I had your talent

    Regards les

  • Sweet ditty will interesting to see how it grows..........

  • Good work Bro..i really like it :)

  • Reminds me of John Fahey !

  • That was tasty dude!

  • With the first chord I said to myself "Dropped D one of my favorites" so as far as I am concerned it doesn't need to go anywhere but I will be playing it over in my mind for a while. Thanks for that. What a nice way to start my day.

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