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Blues Guitar Video: Tootie Blues by Blind Blake

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Even when Blake plays his slow stuff, there is always that infectious bounce and the sudden single string run that appears from nowhere! I like the way he double times in one verse, so I included it here (trying hard to look as though it's a piece of cake!)

When I first started out playing seriously (for money, that is) in 1978, I was part of a duo called 'Red Rag'. We mostly played Blake, Fuller with some Blind Willie McTell and Johnson thrown in. There was only one audio tape of our sessions, I recall, made in a London studio (yes, they had studios back then) which got lost.

Tootie Blues was probably the first one we put into the set, together with Too Tight Blues, Come On Boys, That'lll Never Happen No More and Southern Rag - it was a great time.

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