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As the finished video is quite large, and downloading could be a pain, I decided to upload the video to my Youtube channel on an unlisted setting, so it's not available for general viewing.

I'd appreciate any comments you might have, either feedback such as how to make the classes better, what kind of tuition you'd like to see, etc.

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NEXT CLASS - The Acoustic Blues In A, With A Focus on Lightnin' Hopkins

Download the pdf tab file HERE (right click) - I'll refer to this in the class.

This pdf shows the chords we are going to use - Blues A Chords

Class Time is 6.55 pm Central European time (Paris, France), so 5.55pm in UK and 1.55pm New York (please check you Time Zone!)                                  Sign Up For The Class

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of you might have viewed the last class on ConcertWindow - the above class is using a different site, but very similar and probably more friendly! Also, Paypal can be used, so it's more flexible. However, if enough people asked me for the Concert Window option, I'll schedule the same class on that platform 90 mins before the above class.)

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