If you don't know my work, the video below shows some teaching tips for Blind Blake's ragtime techniques. However, my lessons include all styles of acoustic blues. If you're a long time subscriber, check out the text below the video.

After experimenting with Skype and other media, I came across a site called Concert Window. Actually, a fan asked me if I'd do a live concert over the internet as he would never get to see me play live (lives in the U.S - I live in France).

I realized that this could be a great way to hold a live tuition session in a 'Master Class' type format

What really interests me is that payment level is set by the artist, so it's very cost effective for students! I've set the price at $5 for a 40 minute class and here's how works:
  • Bookmark this page - this is where the class schedules and sign up links will appear.
  • When I schedule a class (probably once a week or so) I'll post  a link to download the tab you'll need during the class
  • I'll also record the session and provide a link here to view it (or download it), so you can refer to it at your leisure.

Sounds good to me, and I'm excited about it (well, as excited as i get)!

The class would take this format - 10 minute intro, song performance and technique demos/discussion. We'd go through the tablature and take a detailed look at how to approach the 'tricky' bits. Viewers can post questions from their computer as they watch - for the last 10 minutes or so, I'd pick some of the common questions and answer them live, or demonstrate what was requested.

First class is called 'The Perfect Slow Blues In E' and show how to make an arrangement exciting - how to make it unique, professional and - exciting!

Class Schedule

Important - Please double check the class times against your own time zone!

The Perfect Acoustic Blues In E - A fresh Approach To This Basic Blues
Click See the Tablature PDF online and print. (Left click to view and print, or right click and 'Save As' to your computer.)

Class Times
(Paris, France):

Same As ...
Same As ...
New York, USA            3pm
San Francisco, USA   12pm

New York, USA            3pm
San Francisco, USA   12pm
If you attended one of the classes, go the video viewing page HERE.

You'll need the password to access the page - if you didn't receive a password, simply email me on twobluesmen@hotmail.fr with the user name you created to watch the broadcast.

NEXT CLASS - The Acoustic Blues In A, With A Focus on Lightnin' Hopkins

Download the pdf tab file HERE (right click) - I'll refer to this in the class. (Come back later if this link is not live)
This pdf shows the chords we are going to use - Blues A Chords

Class Time is 6.55 pm Central European time (Paris, France), so 5.55pm in UK and 1.55pm New York (please check you Time Zone!)                                  Sign Up For The Class

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of you might have viewed the last class on ConcertWindow - the above class is using a different site, but very similar and probably more friendly! Also, Paypal can be used, so it's more flexible. However, if enough people asked me for the Concert Window option, I'll schedule the same class on that platform 90 mins before the above class.)

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