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Let Me Show You How To Play Exactly Like the Original Blues Men

Starting With This FREE Robert Johnson Lesson - 'Love In Vain'

This video will show you ALL you need to know
to play a typical Robert Johnson blues in A

Here's what you will learn in this 20 minute video lesson download:

  • The essential monotonic thumb beat
  • Chord structure and progressions
  • Slow-mo demos - finger picking Delta blues
  • Putting together instrumental breaks RJ style
  • Using on-screen tablature for quick learning
  • Tips on singing - get that real 'bluesy' feeling
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Special Bonus:

 I'll also send you a 7 part mini video course direct to your mailbox - here's what the videos contain:

  • Basic Fingerpicking - bare finger or finger picks? Advantages and disavantages of both
  • Blues in A - techniques and tips for another very popular key
  • Dropped D and open D - how to pick with a slightly different flavor and style
  • Blues in E - one way of finger picking in this basic, almost definitive key for playing Delta blues
  • Open G - how to tune to open G and using the bottleneck properly
  • The Thumb Is King - Thumb control is essential for playing great acoustic blues guitar
  • On To Ragtime - the alternating bass and typical chord progressions

All of my video lessons give complete and detailed instruction showing how to
play acoustic blues in the old style - keeping it real!

 I started producing lessons after someone asked me how I performed a certain technique. As I was explaining, and trying to slow it down, I realized that I was doing things that I wasn't really aware of, but gave the music a very real and old flavor.

This prompted me to go back to the great classic blues artists such as Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy and Lightnin' Hopkins and ask the question 'What do students really need to be able to play acoustic blues in the old style?'

These video lessons are packed with tips about the techniques used by most of the major blues men, advice on tuning, singing and introducing musical breaks. You will learn to play old style blues with this course - I guarantee it.

Check out some videos in the playlist below and you'll get an idea of my teaching style and method. A list of the lessons included in my 36 lesson pack (order at the bottom of the page) are included underneath the playlist - if you have questions, you can email me here.

Jim Bruce

A Selection Of Video Previews From The 36 Lesson Course

Click Playlist Bar At The Bottom To See Titles, or Watch Them All! (9 videos - play time 48 mins)

        Lesson List:
Baby Please Don't Go                                     
Blues Day Blues                                              
Blues Before Sunrise                                      
Careless Love                                                    
CC & O Blues                                                      
Come On Boys                                                   
Diddie Wah Diddie                                          
Down and Out                                                    
Down The Country                                         
Dupree Blues                                                     
Glory Of Love                                                    
Hey Hey  
Key To The Highway                                     
Kokomo Blues                                                 
Livin' With The Blues                                     
Love in Vain                                                       
Woman Called Mary                                       
Me and The Devil                                           
Mobile Texas Line                                          
Police Dog Blues                                           
Poor And Ain't Got A Dime                         
Reap What You Sow                                        
Satisfied/Pallet On The Floor                     
South Carolina Rag                                          
Statesboro' Blues                                              
That'll Never Happen No More                 
Tootie Blues                                                        
Too Tight Blues                                                 
Truckin' Little Baby                                         
Untrue Blues                                                     
Walkin' Blues                                                      
Weeping Willow                                                 
West Coast Blues                                      
Worryin' You Off My Mind
Lightnin' Hopkins
Scrapper Blackwell
Scrapper Blackwell
Blind Boy Fuller
Pink Anderson
Blind Blake
Robert Johnson
Blind Blake
Scrapper Blackwell
Blind Blake
Willie Walker
Big Bill Broonzy
Big Bill Broonzy
Big Bill Broonzy
Scrapper Blackwell
Brownie McGhee
Robert Johnson
Lightnin Hopkins
Robert Johnson
Leroy Carr
Blind Blake
Floyd Council
Mance Lipscomb
Mississippi John Hurt
Willie Walker
Blind Wille McTell
Blind Blake
Blind Blake
Blind Blake
Blind Boy Fuller
Blind Boy Fuller
Robert Johnson
Blind Boy Fuller
Blind Blake
Big Bill Broonzy
See what some other guitarists are saying about this video instruction ...

Learning How To Play Blues Guitar With The Jim Bruce 36 Lesson Pack:


 play blues RGJ - Testimonial For How To Play Blues Guitar with Jim Bruce

Dear Jim,                      

    .. I just wanted to write and tell you my thoughts on your product ...

 ... it is better than any of the you tube blues guitar lessons that are teasers for professional DVDs that I've seen (and this includes some of the major finger style products.)
I find that your method, thoroughness, quality, and personable style
not to mention
the sheer bulk of songs make your package incredible value.

    Robert J, George, Tx, USA

"Jim's clear, concise, and focused teaching style breaks down the most complicated musical passages into bite size pieces that are accessible to all players... his teaching has changed the way I play blues guitar!" 

C.S. (Blue In Vermont)
Vergennes, Vermont, USA

I am very pleased with this tuition. Your way of presenting them is second to none
(have used a number of sites and yours is definitely the best). Also your material is
exactly what I like as Real Blues Guitar.

Even for Baby Please Don't Go, which I had learned a few years ago with a private teacher,
your version has brought me other swinging tips which I will remain grateful for.

Thanks again for all this and the stuff to come

Brgds, Gilles Renier

Testimonial 4 - Allan - How To Play The Blues Customer

" Jim Bruce adds new dimensions to those beautiful old blues and rag songs and makes lessons easily accessable as downloads, with chords, tabs and easy to understand video and instruction from the master himself. "

Allan Schrattenholz , Nykøbing Falster, Denmark

Hi Jim,

Thanks again for the great video lessons. I believe that I purchased your most complete collection of blues song lessons. Are you planning to introduce anything else in the near future? I love your lessons; you've deciphered some very complicated and difficult pieces. We could never figure this out on our own. I've always dreamed of being able to accurately play these roots or classic songs. I can't thank you enough.

Scott Courts

Testimonial 3 - Learn How Play Blues Guitar Customer
"Jim Bruce is one of those rare individuals whose talent for playing genuine old-time guitar is matched only by his gift for conveying that knowledge to others."

(Pasha is pictured at the grave of Big Bill Broonzy in South Chicago)

Pasha Saleh
Potomac, Maryland, USA

Testimonial 6 - Cheeger - How To Play Blues Guitar Customer

"Jim's lessons are very easy to follow.  The content and choice of songs is great! "

Jeff Cheeger, NY, USA

Testimonial 7 - Peter - Learn How To Play The Blues Guitar Customer

" I think your lessons are well produced, good value and along with being an excellent blues guitar player you seem to have a natural teaching ability"      

Peter Smith, UK

A few videos sent to me by students:

11 hours of detailed tuition - downloads, online access and disk (Windows or Mac)
Separate tablature files for printing out
BONUS GIFT #1  Jim's MP3 album 'Metro'.
BONUS GIFT #2  Acoustic Blues Travellers MP3 album 'Wake Up, Walk Out.'

' I have many emails from happy students who are now able to access these classic acoustic blues picking styles, and I'm very pleased that so many people find this tuition rewarding. I'm inviting you to discover the real blues and learn how to finger pick blues guitar.'


  • Instant Downloads
  • 36 Complete Lessons
  • Online Access
  • Data Disk Included
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Jim Bruce 36 Lesson
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