Blues Lessons From The N°2 Internet Guitar Instructor 2013

36 Complete Guitar Lessons Package - Over 11 Hours Of Intensive Tuition!

(Jim was voted N°2 Top Internet Guitar Instructor by Truefire Users 2013)

What do students really need to be able to play acoustic blues in the old style?'

" I don't think anyone should have to pay a lot of money to get the best acoustic blues guitar lessons - these video lessons encapsulate everything I've learned over the past 40 years, and everything you need learn to play old style blues guitar - Guaranteed."

  • All acoustic blues styles 
  • You can play real blues
  • 36 blues guitar lessons
  • Instant Downloads
  • Video Data-Disk option
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Blues Guitar Lessons Testimonial #17 - ... they are better than any of the you tube blues guitar lessons that are teasers for professional DVDs that I've seen ...         Dear Jim,                      

            ... I just wanted to write and tell you my thoughts on your lessons ...

  ... they are better than any of the YouTube acoustic blues lessons that are teasers for professional videos that I've seen (and this includes some of the major finger style publications).

I find that your method, thoroughness, quality, and personable style not to mention the sheer bulk of songs make your package incredible value.

                                                                      Robert J, George, Tx, USA
 Jim Bruce Acoustic Blues Guitar Course  
Get it now for 93 USD  - (approximately 69 Euros)

Jim Bruce 36 Lesson
Blues Guitar Course

100% Money Back Guarantee - No Risk!

' I have many emails from happy students who are now able to access these classic acoustic blues picking styles ...

I'm inviting you to discover the real blues and learn how to finger pick blues guitar.'


Jim's MP3 album 'Metro'.

Acoustic Blues Travellers MP3 album 'Wake Up, Walk Out.'

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What's In the Box ...
Each lesson is presented as a video file in Windows format (downloads)
with option for delivery in Windows or Mac format on  a data disk.

PDF tablature file is  included for printing out.

Slow motion split-screen video of both hand techniques ensure a rich learning experience.

At last, you can learn the authentic tricks used by the classic blues men.
  • 11 hours of detailed tuition - download and disk.
  • An instant download link is provided immediately after payment.
  • 36 lessons covering all major blues picking styles
  • Separate tablature files for print out
  • Slow motion close ups of both hands
  • On-screen chord diagrams and tablature for quick reference
  • Ragtime, delta blues, bottleneck and open tunings
BONUS #1  Jim's MP3 album 'Metro'.
BONUS #2  Acoustic Blues Travellers MP3 album 'Wake Up, Walk Out.'

Recent Course Review extract:

"Each lesson starts with Jim playing the whole song, at full speed. This is good to watch, although it can seem a little daunting, when you realize you'll be learning to play the same tune!

Then the lesson itself begins, as Jim breaks the song right down into small, manageable sections that you can work on in a practice session. He also slows it right down, making it much easier to follow along.

In the relevant sections of the video, the guitar tab or chord/fingering charts are shown in the lower part of the screen, making it easy to follow.

One thing that can seem difficult when you're learning to play acoustic blues guitar, is coordinating the picking action from your right hand, with changing chords and fretting notes with the left. In each of the lesson videos, Jim shows close ups of both the right hand picking technique and the left hand chord positions, so you can see more easily what's happening.

Each of the different song sections are then put together, so you can soon make progress towards playing more complete parts of the song. Of course, there's more than one way to play acoustic blues guitar."
Jim Bruce Acoustic Blues Guitar Course  
Get it now for 93 USD  - (approximately 69 Euros) 
Blues Guitar Lessons - Testimonial #22 - Jim Bruce is one of those rare individuals whose talent for playing genuine
old-time  guitar is matched only  by his  gift for  conveying that  knowledge  to others."Jim Bruce is one of those rare individuals whose talent for playing genuine old-time guitar is matched only by his gift for conveying that knowledge to others."

Pasha Saleh, Potomac, Maryland, USA

(Pasha is pictured at the grave of
Big Bill Broonzy in South Chicago) 

Jim Bruce 36 Lesson
Blues Guitar Course

100% Money Back Guarantee - No Risk!

  • by Peter Atshaves,

    Peter Atshaves

    By far, one of the best courses being sold today.

    You will not be disappointed with this material and the presentation.

  • by Norman Knodel,

    Jim Bruce is "The Man"

    I've been an acoustic blues hound for well over 40 years...take it from me: Jim Bruce's studies of the old masters have been so diligent and his transcriptions, with all their nuances, are so accurately rendered that the man should be awarded a PHD in Musicology!, he's just such a down to earth, nice guy. To quote the man: "Keep it real".....What a resource!! Thanks Jim

  • by Vaughan Marais,
Best recorded teaching method!!

I've done loads of guitar tutorials in my time, and Jim's recording method and instruction is by far the best I've seen!

  • by Fred,

    Well organized and clear instructions

    The format Jim Bruce uses is like sitting in your living room and having a good friend show you lick by lick how to play a song. This is how I learned to play many years ago, as I expect many of you did, too. The tabs are simple and accurate, and he combines them with close ups of the left and right hands so there is no guessing. And the songs are classics, a very nice study of fingerstyle blues. Thanks, Jim.

  • by Mr John Richard Gordon,

    A great course

    Great instructor with easy to follow videos and tabs.

  • by Richard William Hulett,
  • Learning Ragtime

    We are so lucky to have the guidence from Jim to learn this old style of music. He gives us the foundation needed to play ragtime. I am thankful for his blind blake lesson collection, he teaches complete complicated songs from start to finish and breaks it down making learning easier. Go Jim! Highly recommended!

  • by SAIDJI Ali,

    A true lover of blues and a very accurate teacher

    Jim Bruce not only succeeds in making you sharing his love of blues by his simplicity and obvious kindness but teaches you as well the accurate technics of the old masters of blues. He makes you discover some bluesmen who have unfortunately not the fame they deserve and show you how exactly they played.

    A thousand thanks to Jim

  • by Angus MacLeod,

    Jim Bruce acoustic blues maestro

    A great player and a great teacher. This man loves the guitar and the music it makes. Breaking the licks down to easily learned sections will let you learn to play the music you love better than ever. It has for me. Keep teachin' that pickin' Jim. You truly are the man.

  • by Terry Orletsky,

    Jim Bruce Blues Guitar - Lightnin' Hopkins

    Jim's presentation is incredible. He doesn't take anything for granted insofar as your skill level is concerned. The multiple views of right and left hand playing the same lick are almost unique in the guitar instruction business. He takes us step by step...

  • by Gary Lerette,

    thanks Jim .great tunes and excellent teaching.your method makes learning the tunes fun and very easy to understand.I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn finger picking.

  • by Daryl Walter,

    Some of the best

    Fantastic value for money and some of the best tutorials around and now being available through udemy makes them so much more useable.

  • by Craig Tinning,

    Excellent lessons

    For acoustic blues lovers these step by step lessons take you from zero to semi-accomplished very quickly. Some more Lightning Hopkins and Brownie McGhee please Jim!!

  • by,

    blues guitar course

    Fantastic music really well presented in an easily understandable manner, with tab that can be printed and every song broken down into small bite sized sections. What more could I ask for!

  • by Eddie Rivera,

    Love The Blues

    Jim's unique approach to teaching the Blues is great. He goes back to old clips of the great masters of blues and breaks it down for you. You can't go wrong with these lessons

  • by David Inman,

    Jim does a great job Teaching

    Anyone can learn to play guitar but not everyone can teach it. Jim has a way of helping you understand his lessons.

  • by Dave Tyler,

    old time Blues - play the way like it

    I've been playing guitar for a while and I've always wanted to play just like the great Blues players from way back when, and when i saw Jim playing I thought THIS IS IT, at last someone who can play THE BLUES properly. Great player with great technique. Tx.

  • by Michael Keidar,

    Amazing guitar teacher

    I have never enjoyed learning guitar as much! Jim's "system" works!! :)


  • by Max,

    Jim Bruce, L'ultimo grande bluesman

    Ho già avuto modo di studiare alcuni brani che Jim insegna con il suo formidabile corso su DVD che ho acquistato tempo fa. E' un grandissimo maestro che insegna con video ricchi di particolari e con estrema precisione nei passaggi più complessi e che richiedono una grande conoscenza tecnica dello strumento e del genere che si insegna. Nel caso di Jim: il Blues.

  • by Leon Klich,

    A Teacher, a mentor, not a salesman

    Jim's teaching is shared learning, and commitment to passion with fun, as opposed to many of the web's sales pitchers.

    I have really appreciated the step by raised step encouragement and student-centred detail, and the belief that it can be done by persistent time on task, and it actually works.


  • by Charly Hanson,

    Excellent Training

    Jim gives instruction that you can't get anywhere else and knows his trade extremely well. A real blues man!

  • by Jim Scotchford,

    Excellent tuition well thought out and executed giving beginners and intermediates a true incite into methods of playing the original blues by the early greats. Anyone thinking of buying a Jim Bruse Course will find them easy to follow and their guitar playing improve. I speak from experience, the lessons are great!

  • by Jana Conn,

    just began looking at courses

    They are awesome!! Thank you so much Jim, I am going to use some of this instruction to help me get back into playing.

    I like the platform it appears to be organized and the video and audio is high quality.

    Will report back with my progress.thanks again!!!

  • by Patrick Whitehill,

    Nothing else like it

    Jim Bruce is the only instructor I've ever found who actually teaches you how to play authentic acoustic blues. Now this is fun!

  • by Blind Lemon Meringue,

    Blind Lemon Meringue

    A nice intro to acoustic blues. What better way to learn than from a man who plays it on the streets

  • by,

    No problems at all.

    I'm having absolutely no problems at all with viewing and downloads on this course. Great stuff Jim.

  • by Phillip Pavlich,

    Jim tells it so simply and easy to understand.

  • by Larry Horowitz,

    Great lessons! I noticed immediate difference in the quality of my playing.

  • by Charly Hanson,

    Texas to Carolina Blues - Jim Bruce

    Cool! Jim's courses get better and better! He has a hit with this one! Tabs, clips with left and right hands, lecture notes, and excellent playing. If you want to learn authentic Texas and Carolina blues of the masters, Jim's course is the way to do it! Great job Jim!!!! Keep up the great work and keep on pickin'. :-)

  • by Michael Potter,

    Texas to Caroline

    Jim's lessons are always clear and well paced. You can focus on small parts to get riffs and licks right.

  • by Leon Klich,

    Blues gold nuggets

    Thanks Jim, keep going, more please. Every one of these is like finding a lost gold nugget of blues.


    Neonroadster continues to be impressed

    Amazing - Jim gives you everything you need. Small bite-sized pieces that you can work on and eventually build up the whole song.


  • by Char Montney,

    from texas

    always loved the blues! thank you for this course

  • by Ignacio García Fernández,

    Great teaching, as it is usual. Finger picking blues greats in your hands.

    Thank you, Jim.

  • by Patrick Whitehill,

    Best blues guitar instructor on the planet

    I'm 50 years old and when I grow up I want to be Jim Bruce.

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