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The Jim Bruce Complete Ragtime and Blues Course

Jim Bruce                      

A Short Bio - The Course Author

Jim Bruce is that rare thing in this modern age – a working, travelling bluesman in the old tradition. Currently living and playing in France, he has appeared on radio and TV, and is much in demand for live performances of old-style blues and ragtime guitar. He has 4 albums to his credit, the most recent ‘Metro’ featuring mostly his own songs in a fusion of modern and old-style blues sounds.

The Course and Tuition Detail

Originally featuring 23 video lesson, the Jim Bruce Ragtime & Blues Guitar Picking Course has now grown to 35 with music from artists such as Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Blake, Floyd Council, and Scrapper Blackwell. Each video will help you learn blues guitar with complete and very detailed lessons spanning all major acoustic blues guitar styles – delta blues, piedmont ragtime, open tuning and bottleneck. The breadth of the material covered is some indication of Jim’s 30 years experience with this music.

The blues guitar instruction in these videos are high quality WMV (Window Media) and are great for intermediate to advanced players.  Each guitar lessons for blues is also accompanied by a tablature file in PDF format for printing out.

What You See Is What You Get

Time is taken to discuss and display the blues guitar chords, and any special techniques need to play the piece. Often, this is accompanied by a demonstration. Each hand is shown in close up as Jim performs a short section of the song slowly. The screen is split, and the blues guitar tabs are displayed at the bottom of the screen – see below.

                                Lesson Screen Shot


The complete section is performed at full speed either before or after the slow-motion clips. The left hand features the chord diagram, which is displayed in the top right hand corner. This is particularly useful for co-ordinating both hand movements when learning a complicated section.


Jim has a policy of a 100% money-back guarantee. Response time in case of difficulty is very fast, but the file delivery system is very robust and download is automatic after Payment by Paypal. The internet is awash with free guitar lessons, but it’s true that you get what you pay for. Often, lessons offered contain just snippets of styles, or blues guitar riffs that can be incorporated into your playing.

In Conclusion

Jim’s approach focuses on the techniques actually used by the old blues men to get their sound and shows everything you need to play a complete song. Reviews and testimonials are glowing and the list of lessons produced just goes on and on. Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced guitarists, although all levels will benefit from this unique insight into acoustic ragtime and blues. A very valuable feature is the breadth of material covered, from delta blues, through open tuning and bottleneck, to piedmont ragtime styles.

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