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Of course, it's the best of all possible worlds if you can get acoustic guitar lessons from a real living master, such as Doc Watson or Tommy Emmanuel, but it's not possible for the vast majority of guitarists.

Floyd Council Carolina Blues ManBack in 60s, there were not that many great players around and could be named on both hands, including people like Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker, Dave Laibman, Ton Van Bergeyk and about 10 others. These guys reproduced faithfully the old guitar picking styles, and also produced variations and totally original music as well, standing on the shoulders of the great original blues pickers.

Although the vast majority of the great guitar pickers
had a basis in old blues, there was a core of British players who drew from a more traditional source of ancient folk music. Musicians like Davey Graham and Bert Jansch delivered a fusion of both blues and folk, sometimes with jazz over tones. It worked now and again, and it struck me that the more memorable songs retained a healthy portion of the blues roots.

The Roots Of Blues And The Impact On Modern Music

In the late sixties everyone wanted guitar lessons with one of these masters, and so books were produced in their thousands to answer the demand. Many thousands of students then found that a book and a tape doesn't cut it, if you want to learn the blues as it was originally played.

There are just too many nuances and subtleties in the fingerpicking techniques used. Often it's far better to work it out yourself with a CD of the original song, your guitar and masses of patience! At least you'll have something that you put together yourself and reflects your style.

Author: Jim Bruce 
Date: 2014-10-10
Category: Music

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