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Although primarily a guitar player and therefore constantly writing about the technique required to create the old blues music, inevitably I pick up lots of other interesting stuff along the way of life, such as the people I've met, how to adjust a guitar, new ragtime guitar chords progressions, etc. That's why the articles are so diverse, and often include some writings about what's going on the mind of a blues man, rather than how he does tat particular finger-picking technique.

Sometimes, the articles reflect my own changes and conflicts. For example, for months I might play with finger picks and then decide they don't give the right sound, so revert to bare fingers. After some months of that I feel that I'd like more swing and punch , so back on go the picks! It just means that now I use both, depending on the song I'm playing, which of course makes complete sense to anyone. We shouldn't be constrained into playing one particular way and ignore another, that's not what it's all about at all.

Similarly, most guitarists are constantly searching for those perfect strings, which of course, don't exist. Everything's a compromise, so I included articles about choosing strings depending on your playing style and guitar. I don't know a great deal about guitars, but you'll also find articles about a couple of reasonably priced boxes in the list as well. Mostly, you'll see posts about the old blues guys, who they were and how they played. where possible, I've tried to show how they created their music and what it means to us modern players.

Author: Jim Bruce 
Date: 2014-05-07
Category: Music

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C.S. (Blue In Vermont)
Vergennes, Vermont, USA

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 Dear Jim,       I just wanted to write and tell you my thoughts on your product ... it is better than any of the you tube lessons that are teasers for professional DVDs that I've seen (and this includes some of the major finger style products.)

 I find that your method, thoroughness, quality, and personable style not to mention the sheer bulk of songs make your package incredible value.

    Robert J, George, Tx, USA