What Kind Of Acoustic Guitar Is Best For The Blues?

It might be with you for some years - play the blues with the right guitar!

There great videos on Youtube presenting classic blues men giving amazing performances using very ordinary acoustic guitars, like Mississipi Fred McDowell using a low end Eko model. Od course, when the probably used a cheap Stellar or smething similar, bought from the Sears catalog (just like Elizabeth Cotton did) or some second hand store.
For me, my favorite guitar that I used when I first started to play in public for money was a parlor sized Yamaha constructed out of plywood. It had a good sound and played pretty well, which is just what I wanted at that time.

Are we saying that the quality of the guitar has no impact on performance?

Of course guitar quality impacts the overall sound, but you should assess the relevance of the difference for your own personal case. The differences in sound quality when comparing a $500 guitar and a $2000 guitar is not that great nowadays, particularly taking into account the affordable, reasonable quality guitars coming out of China.

Ignoring differences in sound quality, the other big question is 'is it easy to play?'. The top end 'fabricated by hand' guitars are better and easier to handle. However, you can play the same way with a less expensive guitar, but you'll have to work just a little harder at it. Additionally, generally the harmonics and sustain using cheaper guitars isn't as good.

Author: Jim Bruce 

Date: 2014-08-04

Category: Music

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