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Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons Advice And Tips

There are two ways to play killer blues guitar and that's by learning yourself or using some form of blues guitar lessons. Going it alone requires a lot of work and patience, not to mention a burning passion to play it properly. Playing the blues is a two pronged affair. First of all, there is the obvious technical difficulty of making that guitar sound like you want it to. Secondly, a brilliant technique is no use at all unless you have that special feeling.

The Two Ingredients For A Killer Blues Guitar Performance - Skill And Attitude

Blues Guitar Music Performance - Acoustic Blues Travellers
This special feeling is known as the blues, and no lessons should fail to address this crucial element of teaching blues guitar. Just ask yourself what feature the best blues guitarists share in common, aside from great guitar skills and the answer is - some attitude!

That's correct, you have to have a blues attitude.
It's basically an attitude that states 'I'm only myself playing a guitar, and I'm about to tell you about life and explain to you you how I feel inside'. Without that unstated contract between the player and the people listening, it won't really work.

Play Authentic Blues Guitar

If you just want to show off or amaze people with your incredible talent, it won't work either. An audience wants honesty, not someone who is bragging. Unfortunately, unlike technical skills, blues guitar lessons can't teach you this - it just grows, if you have the right attitude!

Try not to care what people think when you play. Of course, this is difficult, because we want people to like us and admire us - it's natural, but try and resist it. Close your eyes, let yourself go and concentrate on what you feel.