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The articles below are originals and can be found on this web site or on my Hub pages and Squidoo pages. Contents: Various aspects of blues guitar lessons. Format: PDF and Word.

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Blind Willie McTell

youtube blues guitar lessons - pdf                                                      blues guitar tabs

Muddy Waters

chicago blues guitar                                                       acoustic guitar lessons- word doc

Robert Johnson

                                                       delta blues guitar lessons

How To Play Blues - Jim Bruce Interview

how to play blues guitar - pdf                                                      word-how to play blues guitar

Finger Picking Acoustic Guitar - Doc Watson

                                                      blues riffs

Kings Of Blues Guitar T-Bone Walker

acoustic blues                                                      acoustic guitar - pdf doc

Play Authentic Blues Guitar - Jim Bruce

pdf doc - how to play the blues                                                       word doc - how to play blus guitar

Blues Guitar To The Next Level - Jim Bruce

                                                      learning how to play acoustic guitar

Blues Legends - Jim Bruce

doc - how to play the blues guitar                                                      article - blues guitar greats

Origins Of Ragtime Guitar

article - play the blues                                                      article - blues music

Blues Guitar Tips

pdf doc-blues guitar tabs                                                      article - great blues guitar masters

Blues On The Streets Of Paris

pdf doc - blues guitar                                                      word doc-learn how to play acoustic blues guitar

Blues in Toulouse


Blind Blake - King Of Ragtime

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Roots Of The Blues - Carolina Men


Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers

learn acoustic blues guitar                                                     

There are maybe hundreds of thousands, not to say millions of acoustic guitar players over the planet. 

It's the most popular musical instrument by a long shot , as its easy to take somewhere and it's quite easy to create a little tune in a week or two. I say 'acoustic guitar' as that's my instrument and I prefer the finger picking style of playing.

Generally, electric players employ a plectrum pick the strings in an up down direction. Of course, there are always exceptions to the golden rule, like Mark Knoppfler, who uses bare fingers for both acoustic and electric guitars. His techniques made Chet Atkins say "I'm not sure what he's doing, but he can sure can play! "

You don't need to follow the crowd - just make your own rules. Mind you, we've to begin somewhere. The beginning point is usually centered around previous great blues guitarists. In the style of acoustic blues guitar, we are talking about people such as Robert Johnson, Doc Watson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Reverend Gary Davis and a lot of others.

There are many differences in technique, but those who play finger style can be loosely split up into two bands - those wearing finger picks and the players who prefer their bare fingers.

Let's not talk about how many picking fingers they use for now. What are the variations in sound and what impact does a finger pick have on technique? I've seen ragtime blues artists play very well with up to 3  picks for the right hand, which didn't include the thumb! At the other end of the scale, some master pickers only use just one finger, either steel or plastic.

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